Are you a passive user in the energy system, or an active player?

Corporate members

Large energy-using organisations who are members of the Living Grid share a vision of creating a more agile and responsive energy system that’s ready for large-scale use of renewables.


Over 2,300 pieces of equipment over 200 stores consume electricity flexibly, saving the UK 31,865 tonnes of carbon every year


Intelligently adjusting power consumption across 70 asphalt plants and 200 bitumen tanks in the UK

United Utilities

10 wastewater treatment plants respond to fluctuations in the grid, freeing up 20MW of spare capacity for the UK by 2020

Technology partners

Technology solution providers who are part of the Living Grid share the aim of speeding up the creation of a more decentralised, decarbonised and smarter grid in the UK.

Open Energi

Using advanced energy management systems to aggregate and optimise distributed energy resources in real-time