By shifting your role in our electricity network, your organisation has the power to transform it. Could your organisation join our pioneering community?

Organisations playing an active role in the system

By pioneering the Living Grid, people and organisations are working together – and calling for others  – to make our lifeless electricity grid more interactive and able to flex to ebbs and flows of renewable energy.  By growing our community, and by coming together to interact and use energy differently, we are changing the dynamics of how our electricity system works – not just its individual parts.  Together, we’re demonstrating a radically more efficient and resilient system that’s adapted for renewable energy.

Our pioneering community started in 2016 by sharing our experiences of using smart technologies to introduce more sophisticated controls to our energy usage.  On our own terms and without disruption, we are powering equipment up and down in real-time in response to signals from the grid.  By making subtle adjustments to our usage in this way, we’re playing an active role in maintaining a second-by-second balance between supply and demand for electricity across the grid as a whole.  This is helping to make the system more stable so it is more efficient and less carbon intensive to run.

In 2017, we’re working with Smartest Energy to developing an approachable, strategic narrative that describes the new energy system we want to form together.  We will challenge the accepted wisdoms that are holding back a better energy future through a nationwide communications campaign that reimagines how our grid can work better for all users in society without contributing to climate change.  

Be part of the community

We’re inviting leading organisations with ambitious climate change commitments to join us to unleash their influence as energy users, to help transform our electricity network.

Just as the behaviour of individual organisms – acting in concert – evolves whole ecosystems, we believe individual organisations have an important part to play in evolving our own electricity grid.  Corporate energy users are uniquely placed to change the way our grid works because their energy needs have a significant impact on patterns of electricity usage across the system as a whole.  

Our current partners, Aggregate Industries, Sainsbury’s, Tarmac and United Utilities already have the potential to provide up to 39 megawatts of flexible power, saving almost 90,000 tonnes of carbon annually in the UK.  

We aim to grow the Living Grid to include 20 visionary organisations by 2020 – each one contributing to the Living Grid in their unique way.  Imagine what we could do together.  

Please get in touch to find out more about how your organisation can participate.

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