11,380 tonnes of carbon savings for the UK per year

Over the past 3 years, Aggregate Industries has worked to develop and install Open Energi’s Dynamic Demand technology at over forty asphalt plants and quarry sites UK-wide. This technology turns bitumen tanks and pumps into ‘smart devices’ that adjust their demand for electricity in response to fluctuations in grid system frequency.

·         By 2020 it is expected to free up 5MW of flexible capacity for the National Grid; this equates to 11,380 tonnes of carbon savings for the UK per year

“We’re well-known in the industry for being a pioneer with new technology and were among the first to implement Open Energi’s intelligent demand response technology. Demand-side management just makes sense – we reduce our energy consumption and costs, we generate additional revenue and we will save at least 50,000 tonnes of carbon emissions over the next 5 years. Through our partnership with the Living Grid network, we’ll share our experience of this emerging technology and encourage others to take up the opportunity too, to create a positive change in the energy system that extends beyond the borders of our own organisation.”

Donna Hunt, Head of Sustainability at Aggregate Industries

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