Using advanced energy management systems to connect and control distributed energy resources in real-time

Open Energi is using advanced technology and data-driven insight to create a more sustainable energy future.

Its Dynamic Demand 2.0 platform connects and controls distributed energy resources – from industrial equipment and energy storage systems through to on-site generation and electric vehicles – to save costs, earn revenue and cut carbon.

Since 2011, Open Energi has connected over 3,500 assets at over 400 sites UK-wide, working with leading businesses, suppliers, developers and technology partners to deliver innovative solutions that put companies in control of how, when and from where they consume electricity.

β€œThe Living Grid is a call to action for UK businesses to harness their collective impact and help create a zero-carbon future. Technology is making what was once unthinkable possible, enabling businesses to displace power stations and provide the demand flexibility we need to support an electricity system powered by the wind and sun. We want more businesses to seize this opportunity and realise the benefits of enabling a smarter, cleaner, more affordable energy future.”

David Hill, Open Energi’s Commercial Director

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