Shaping the future energy mix to be more renewable, flexible and smarter

Established in 2001, Smartest Energy is one of the UK’s leading purchasers of independent generation, suppliers of renewable electricity, and providers of demand response services. It creates flexible, commercially-minded solutions to enhance our customers’ competitive advantage in a rapidly changing environment.

Power purchase
The UK is no longer powered by a small number of large fossil-fuelled power stations. Smartest Energy works with a network of independent energy entrepreneurs who are building a cleaner, more decentralised and resilient energy system.

Business electricity
The most influential businesses are tipping the balance in favour of renewables. Smartest Energy offers independently certified renewable energy to some of the UK’s leading brands, reliably and with the flexibility they need.

Energy flexibility
In the new energy landscape, balancing the grid is everyone’s priority. Smartest Energy helps businesses see energy as an asset that can be managed intelligently to create additional value.

“The demand for energy is shifting in society – where it comes from and what it’s for is rapidly changing. In response, we need to rethink our energy system so that it works more like a natural system – flexible, responsive and low-carbon. As a supplier, purchaser and aggregator of energy, we have an important role in shaping this new system and want to encourage a fresh, innovative approach to solving the challenges we face.”

Mike Shirley, Smartest Energy’s Head of Marketing

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