45,520 tonnes of carbon savings for the UK per year

United Utilities was the first water company in the country to install Dynamic Demand. To date it has implemented the intelligent demand response technology at over 10 of its larger wastewater treatment plants including Davyhulme, Bolton, St Helens, Preston, Runcorn, Warrington and Widnes, enabling motors and pumps to ‘talk’ to the grid and respond in seconds to fluctuations in grid system frequency. It is continuing to target  further activated sludge plants and has started to evaluate new waste and fresh water processes that it feels would work with the technology.

· By 2020 it is expected to free up 20MW of power capacity for the National Grid; this equates to 45,520 tonnes of carbon savings for the UK per year

“Energy is one of our biggest costs and it’s vital that we get smarter at how we use it. In supporting the Living Grid we’re proud to show the huge scope for the water industry to use electricity in a more flexible way – meaning sustainable lower bills for our customers and a move towards a lower carbon economy.”

Jonathan Dobson, United Utilities’ Sustainability Strategy Manager

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