Joining the Living Grid

The Living Grid is a powerful brand shared across its members with dedicated web and social media channels. Global sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future is the hub of the initiative to grow the Living Grid by activating more energy users to tell the story. The programme of activities is divided into three streams:

Telling the story

Together we are building a compelling narrative of what a Living Grid would do for the UK. Through communications channels such as press opportunities, events and digital and social media outreach, we are showcasing examples of projects that Living Grid members are building, as case studies and testimonies of the benefit of a more flexible, responsive grid.

Living Grid Lab

In the Living Grid Lab, Forum for the Future convenes and facilitates collaborative design sessions between peers and expert solutions providers that lead to showcase projects that can be promoted as best-practice examples for peers to draw insights from. In the first Lab, M&S are pushing the boundaries of what their stores can do for the grid around them.

Scaling up workstreams

Collaborative work to diagnose what is slowing down progress – policy, markets, knowledge gaps – and build a programme to overcome these barriers.

Membership options

Forum for the Future is convening diverse collaborators to develop the Living Grid over time.  We’re looking for both corporate and large energy users, as well as energy solutions providers to join us in shaping the future of the UK energy system.